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The most frequently asked question we get is, “Does Launch actually work?” We wish we could tell you that Launch would absolutely "work," but we can't. There is no magical pill that will bring you business success. Below, we will be sharing some success stories from a handful of our previous students. Please know that they are the exception. Many of our students never complete the coursework. Many binge watch the Launch training videos but never implement what they learn. YOU are the only one who gets to decide if it will work. If you're willing to take radical action, trust the process, and work through all the phases, you will get results (and quickly). Look below to see what’s possible…


Sarah made $655,797 in her first 8 months!

Sarah had a successful freelance medical copywriting business, writing for doctors and health + wellness leaders. After constantly being asked by others how she had such a fast start growing her freelance business, she used Launch to create her very own course that teaches others to be a great writer and jumpstart their own copywriting business.

Course Topic: Freelance Copywriting

Courses Sold (over an 8 month period): 576 courses for a total of $655,797 in sales.

Fun Fact: Sarah started Launch with an email list of ZERO and NO social media following! Now that she has passive income, she finally has the time to write for herself!


Sarah Turner:

Interview with the Kings

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Case Study #2


Jeff and Miquell are on a mission to help couples create thriving marriages. They have been married for over twenty-one years, and share lessons from their own story of brokenness and redemption with their students through their program, Uncommon Couples.

Course Topic: Marriage Restoration

Sales from First Launch: $3,000

Fun Fact: Jeff and Miquell followed the Launch system, and built their own brand (Phase 2). This brand has not only led to course sales, but has also opened up the door for spinoff income via retreats, conferences, and speaking engagements.

Jeff and Miquell:

Interview with the Kings

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Heather turned $1,384 into $11,355!

Heather is a an established photographer who now supports aspiring photographers in moving from hobby-status to profitable business. She is a mom to two little boys, and her go-getter attitude and tenacious spirit set her apart.

Course Topic: Photography

Sales Data: By following the Launch1M method, Heather is making an average of $10 back on every $1 she invests into Facebook ads.

A note from Heather: “Now that I understand the math behind my course business, I feel like the future is limitless, really. I know my profit margins now, so it all depends on how much I want to invest into Facebook ads, and then I can predict how many course sales I’m going to make from that.”


Heather Chesky:

Interview with the Kings

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Case Study #4


Anna helps successful professionals transition from one career to another. She supports her clients in finding work that is both inspiring and fulfilling, so they can jump out of bed in the morning with excitement.

Program Topic: Career Transition

Sales from most recent launch: $12,000 ($9,000 of this was from one webinar, alone!)

Fun Fact: Anna’s business has allowed her to leave her corporate position, and splurge on things (like a family ski trip to Austria) that she couldn’t have afforded before.

Anna Black:

Interview with the Kings

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Adrienne sold over 650 courses!

Adrienne is a speech-language pathologist who is committed to giving parents the tools they need to help their toddlers communicate better.

Course Topic: Toddler Communication

Sales Stats: Adrienne has made over 650 course sales, and changed the lives of hundreds of families who can now better communicate with their toddlers.

Fun Fact: Adrienne made her entire Launch investment back in the first month!


Adrienne Patterson:

Interview with the Kings

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Case Study #6


Nicole is passionate about helping mompreneurs create the right mindset for success, so they can not only achieve their professional and business goals, but also find balance as a mom and woman.

Program Topic: Mompreneur Mindset

Launch Sales: Nicole has had two $6,000 launches (without a large email list)

Fun Fact: Nicole built her business while managing a full-time job, and being a mom to two little ones. Since starting, she has been able to bring her husband home from his job, and recently put in notice to leave her job as well.

Nicole Tewierik:

Interview with the Kings

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Jill is averaging $5k/month!

Jill supports her students in achieving their personal financial goals. Whether that means eliminating debt, gaining confidence with money, or saving up for a “bucket list” item, Jill has designed her programs to help.

Course Topic: Financial Management

Average monthly income: $5,000/month (and growing!)

A note from Jill: “Three months before finding Launch, I had started to build something on my own and was banging my head against the wall - super frustrated with it. I had been doing financial coaching for a couple years, and really wanted to do a course so I could have something passive, but I didn’t now where to begin. Launch was exactly what I needed. It helped me get super focused and propelled me into action.”


Jill Emanuel:

Interview with the Kings

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