Will this program work? 

We wish we could tell you that Launch 1M would absolutely "work," but we can't. There is no magical pill that will bring you business success. YOU are the only one who gets to decide if it will work. If you're willing to take radical action, trust the process, and work through all the phases, you will get results (and quickly)!

I don't have my course idea nailed down yet. Is this still a good fit?

This course is for service-based business owners with paying clients. If that’s you, Launch 1M is the perfect fit. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row before you move forward. Clarity comes from action. To create a successful online course, you can take one of two paths.

Path One: Turn your current service into a course.
Example - If you are a piano teacher, you could create a course teaching people how to play the piano. Think about how many more people you could reach!

Path Two: Help others create a business like the one you have.
Example - If you are a piano teacher, you can teach other aspiring piano teachers how to become fully booked with students. Your future students are out there looking for answers...right now.

You know something that others are eager to pay to learn. Your future students are out there waiting for you to show up.

This is a tough season for me. When is the next time you’ll offer this?

Unfortunately, we do not know if or when we will reopen registration for Launch 1M. Believe it or not, there will never be a better time than right now. You will never feel ready. It will always be a big investment. Either go for it now, or don't go for it. Nothing good comes from waiting. Some of our most successful clients signed up while they were still in mountains of debt, working full time, raising babies, moving, getting married, etc! Launch 1M is designed in a way that allows you to go through the content at your own pace. You will never have more time until you do something to create more time!

Why is Launch 1M priced so high? Who can actually afford that?

We get it! Who has extra money laying around in their bank account? None of our past students did! The truth is, when you choose to invest in Launch 1M, you're deciding that you are no longer available to wait and wish and hope for the life of your dreams. You are changing the narrative, and choosing to be the hero of your story, instead of a victim. Right now, Launch 1M is as cheap as it will ever be, and there is even an extended payment option. The investment will never be comfortable, but when you begin making decisions as if failure isn't an option, everything in your life will change. 

We always see investing in ourselves as a one-step back, ten-steps forward type of ordeal. Remember, you will be able to make your investment back with just a couple of your own course sales!

If you need help finding the money, email [email protected] and a member of our team will send you a list of creative ways some of our past students have found a way to make it happen.

Do you offer refunds? 

No. Don't commit to this unless you're ready to follow through. 

What are the other startup costs?

Online courses have an extremely small startup cost compared to other businesses. We’ve had students start for as little as $30/month in software fees. If you choose to use the software we recommend, you’ll spend about $200/month. This is not an investment you will make immediately - Launch 1M will guide you so that you aren’t spending money on software until the last possible moment. Launch 1M students receive a special link for an extended free trial of our recommended system. And remember, your course sales will quickly cover the expense of the software. Launch 1M will show you how to grow your business for next to nothing, and invest as you grow. We go deep into the math behind your business, so you can calculate exactly what you need to spend to hit your goals.