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Launch 1m is our signature program designed to help you make $1M through your online course.
(yes, it’s possible for you!)



We know you crave



Creating your own business seemed like the answer, but there’s a problem…

You're still trading dollars for hours.

You know your clients are a blessing, but by the end of the day, you are completely drained.
You’ve maxed yourself out. You’re fully booked and have no way to keep growing.
You want to make a bigger impact on the world, but there is only one of you…and that doesn’t feel like enough.
You get to call the shots. You make your own hours. But if you don’t show up for your clients, you don’t make money.

Sometimes, you feel trapped...


You're in the

right place



It is our mission to help fully-booked business owners, like you, set themselves free by creating their own online course. You’ve worked way too hard and come way too far to settle into a business model that still leaves you trading time for money.

You’re successful. Others dream of having a business like yours. But you’re wiped out. And that’s not your fault - You simply haven’t been following a freedom-based business model. Online courses are the answer.

Launch 1m takes you step-by-step through the process of turning your area of expertise into a course that will sell on repeat while you live your life.



How would it



  • Have the freedom to work fewer hours (or not work at all?)

  • Have a stream of passive income that brings in money while you’re hanging out with your kids at the park, eating tacos at that Mexican restaurant, or watching reading your kindle by the fire?

  • Drastically increase your income while decreasing the amount of time you spend working?

  • Spend less time with clients and more time with family?

  • Spontaneously travel someplace beachy without worrying about the cost or taking time away from your clients?

  • Wake up to notifications on your phone, informing you of new sales?

  • Keep only the clients you love working with, and say goodbye to the ones that drive you nuts? (You don’t need their money anymore)

  • Have a consistent and predictable flow of money from your course?

  • Hit six and seven figures in online course sales without becoming a slave to social media?


We did it, our students are doing it, and you can do it too.


Scaling your business doesn't have to be a

Constant Struggle





Our program, Launch 1m, will take all the guesswork out of growing your business, and drastically speed up your success. It will give you a proven process to follow, and you can walk away with a thriving business that runs itself. 

You can create a course and take back your time...

Starting Now.


Incase we haven't met yet...

We're the Kings.

We are just two cheesy lovebirds who worked like crazy to design a life where we could be together all day, everyday. 

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We believe in family first, and worked very hard to create a business that works for us...not the other way around. If we had to choose between a seven figure business that required a lot of our time, and a less profitable business that required less of our time, we would take the smaller business ANY DAY. But the thing is...we don't have to decide. And neither do you!


It's hard to believe how much our lives have changed. We went from being fully-booked business owners who served clients 60+ hours/week to being full-time parents who check on their business for an hour on Thursday mornings. Courses have allowed us to reach more people, make more money, all while spending more time with family. It feels too good to be true. 


That's why we created





So what is Launch 1m?

Launch 1m is our Signature business program that will show you exactly how to make passive income with an online course and automated marketing system.

When you register, you’ll get instant access to our incredible membership site, which includes bite-sized training videos, tech tutorials, and interactive workbooks. We took everything we know about online courses and broke it down into a simple, easy to follow, and results-oriented program.

placeit copy.png

Our students join this course feeling exhausted, and overwhelmed and walk away with a fully-automated online businesses. 


Doubled her corporate salary! 

"Before Launch 1m, we literally had no groceries in our refrigerator. I had no idea how we were going to make the next mortgage payment. I decided to make the leap of faith and join Launch, and paid for that first installment and gave it to God. By the second week of Launch 1m, I was booked for two months straight. Since then, I’ve had consistent clients every single month."

- Cari Barney


Paying clients in 3 weeks!

"After YEARS of trying to get my business off the ground, I was able to launch my first program with paying clients just 3 weeks after enrolling in the program! There have been so many breakthroughs since then: from finally having a system to work from home with my baby girl to overcoming sabotaging mindsets and money blocks. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Jenny-Lyn Allen


From overwhelmed to launched!

"I was taking in all the freebies out there, but just getting overwhelmed and confused. I had been acting like I was learning a hobby, but Launch 1m helped me start a business. If you want all the step-by-step tools and support to start your online business, Launch 1m is more than worth your investment. It has proved to me, that given the tools, I can really build my own business."

Nicole Smith

What makes Launch 1m different?

There are a million online courses out there right now. Launch 1m is different. Here's why: 

    Lots of people have online courses…and lots of people sell courses about courses. Unfortunately, however, many of the course “gurus” don’t have a solid marketing system set up. They work part-time, full-time, or even over-time on social media to make course sales. We know that the last thing you need right now is something else on your plate...another ball to juggle. That’s why Launch 1m doesn’t just show you how to build a course - it shows you how to automate your sales process. Your course will provide a solid stream of passive income, fueling your bank account while you’re off hiking, picnic-ing, or snacking on smuggled popcorn at the drive-in-movies.

    You won't just get the technical nuts and bolts of running a business inside Launch. Sure, we include tech tutorials and how-to videos...but we also include training on mindset, organization, and goal setting (the unsung heroes of business success). We don't just give you bits and pieces of info for you to pick through: We give you an all-inclusive, holistic business-building system. That being said, we’ve condensed all the info into actionable videos so that you’ll be making progress and tracking towards your goals rather than just consuming hours of content.  

    When you sign up, you'll get access to all the workbooks, video trainings, and tech tutorials at once. You won't have to wait on us. You can dive in and work through the course at your own pace. 

    There is no easy way to get a course launched. It's insanely hard. But it doesn't have to take forever. We believe that your life could be completely different in just 90 days. The students who follow our process get radical results fast. We know you’re smart - you’re a fully-booked business owner! You could probably hack the online course space on your own, but Launch 1m will expedite your success and save you from the guessing game and the pain of trial and error.

    We have had hundreds of students go through our courses. We've seen what works. We've seen what doesn't. We have adjusted the curriculum and refined the content to be the most effective online course on the market. We have committed to staying experts in this field, and test every strategy we teach on our own business before putting it into the course.

    Many online courses tell you what to do, but don't give you the how. Not Launch 1m. Launch 1m will show you exactly how to execute each part of the process. Even the tech. At the end of the program, you will have your online course designed and selling automatically. 

    As cheesy as it sounds, we are truly motivated by your success first and foremost. We care deeply about each of our students, and created this course because we want you to have the same freedom we have. We believe in this course wholeheartedly, and stand behind it. 

    Just look below... 


Six figure business in one year! 

"Sarah and Dillon have the exact strategy you need to create a life of freedom and fulfillment for you and your family. Before Launch 1m, my husband and I were over 70k in student loan debt and working like crazy to get out of a crappy financial situation. They helped us create a program and a system that’s generated over 130 clients on automate and earned over 6-figures in the past year. Not only has this allowed us to be debt-free, buy our dream house, and travel the country, it’s also allowed me to create a client magnet system, where clients continue to buy from me time and time again. Most importantly, though, their strategy has allowed me to be a mom! My freedom-based business has allowed my husband to reduce his hours at work so we can be fully present with our two kids, ages two and under. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my business and for my life!"

Jasmin Niemiec


"Best decision I could have made"

"I was on the fence for a long time about signing up for Launch 1m - it was a big investment. The more familiar I became with Sarah and Dillon, I became wholeheartedly convinced that the financial, time, and energy investment were all MORE than worth it. I joined Launch 1m within my very first few months of starting my business, and honestly, I feel like it was the best business decision I could have made! It was a springboard for me to get clear on what I was doing with my business, and how to go about building it in a purposeful way so that I could get to helping women in business design their life's "why"! It's one thing to know your craft, but it's a completely separate thing to know how to create a business around that craft. Launch 1m was exactly what I needed then, and I still refer to the materials from time to time today. I am completely happy with my decision to take the plunge and join Launch 1m, it set me on an amazing journey!

- Robyn Eckersley


"Paid for itself multiple times over"

"When I signed up for Launch 1m, I had gone through multiple life transitions with absolutely no idea what my next steps would be. I knew I needed to make a decision and make it fast! So I shoved the fear aside side and signed up for Launch 1m. It was one of the biggest, most scary decisions I have ever had to make in my life especially financially but it has since paid off multiple times over. In less than a year, I have worked with dozens of women, launched my 1st ever group program and conducted several high impact "Life Makeover" live workshops in 2 different continents as well as in person VIP intensives. My income has increased consistently and my calendar booked solid most months. I go to bed every night grateful that I listened to my inner voice and took that 1st step that has caused a ripple effect and many lives positively impacted simply because I believed it was possible!"

- Joanne Muturi


Shifted from hobby to business!

"Launch 1m was an answer to prayer in shifting from hobby-status to a sustainable business. While I knew pieces of marketing and attracting clients, I felt overwhelmed figuring out how to put them all together. It was a relief to discover Launch 1m could walk me through each step. I designed a new website, narrowed my niche to help mission-minded entrepreneurs live aligned with their calling, created a mini-course, and found my authentic brand voice. The experience gave me the confidence, tools, and clarity I needed to live the next level of my calling."

- Emily Grabatin


From lost to confident!

"I signed up for Launch 1m because I was feeling stuck and lost on how to start my new business. Starting this program gave me the confidence and tools to move forward and create a business that is totally aligned with who I am. I built a website that reflects me and attracts the clients I want. When I signed up, I was terrified. It was a moment where I had just quit my job, and had no money so I had to borrow it. But I’m so happy I did it anyway. The knowledge and tools you get are so valuable. Launch 1m is the program for you if you really want to get your business off the ground."

- Daniela Santi


Signed 2 clients before finishing the program!

"I signed up for Launch 1m because I had toyed with my business idea for years but was unsure how to launch a business. There are so many pieces to the puzzle of building a successful, online, freedom-based business. I was scared to make the investment as I really didn’t have the cash flow to do so, but it was a sacrifice that was worth every penny. I signed two clients before I was even halfway through the program. Launch 1m is fully loaded with everything you need to build a successful online business from the ground up. I cannot say enough about what Dillon and Sarah have created. They are genius and I have an incredible respect and admiration for the two. You cannot go wrong with Launch 1m - it has everything and more."

- Nureka Findlater


Pushing past fears!

"Before Launch 1m, I was so confused on direction. ‘Eventually’ was a word that I always used to describe where I wanted to be ‘one day’ in my business. Today, I refuse to use that word! Launch 1m was the first step I had taken to invest in myself and push past any fears of not having money or thinking it wasn’t the right time. I am now living in the moment, which is moving me forward. I have never been so strong and excited!"

- Lynda Stark


Biggest game-changer ever!

"Launch 1m has been the biggest game changer ever! Within the first month, I had made my full investment back. Launch 1m doesn’t just transform your business, it transforms your life. Prior to Launch 1m, I struggled with having the faith and confidence to move forward in creating my dream business. Even before my product was complete, I landed my first $1500 client! Never would I have had the confidence and faith in myself, had I not gone through the program!”

- Erin Dickson


Doubled my income in 9 months!

"At the time, it made absolutely no sense to invest in Launch 1m. I was already receiving help to buy groceries and pay my bills! My heart was racing and in the last minutes before the cart closed, I hit purchase. I was shaking and full of fear, yet clinging to hope and praying for a financial miracle to happen. In only 9 months of very hard work, my life has drastically improved. I’ve doubled my floral design business income and hired employees for the first time. I have been able to give money to hurricane reliefs, support missions and missionaries, tithe, and buy gifts for others. This winter I won’t need to count change to buy a tank of gas or decide on whether to heat the house or buy groceries. I’m thanking God that he gave me the courage and faith to invest in Launch 1m. Thank you, Sarah and Dillon, for changing my life!"

- Bethany Beeghley



Your Turn.


Content Overview

Launch 1m will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your course, automating the sales process, and scaling to $1M.

This program is jam-packed with content, but is broken down into simple, actionable steps that you can work through at your own pace.

There are three phases inside Launch 1m.



You will develop a course that will get your students massive results. When you have raving students, your course will sell like wildfire, AND you’ll feel really good selling it! In this phase, you will…

  • Narrow in on exactly who you want to serve

  • Get a clear picture of what people in your niche will eagerly pay for

  • Begin connecting and engaging with ideal clients

  • Develop a strategic and efficient workflow

  • Conduct non-traditional market research

  • Put the perfect price tag on your course

  • Follow our tried and true course development technique to outline content

  • Get all your tech questions answered

  • Get your program launch date on the calendar



Without an automated marketing system, your course is worthless. In this phase, you will put together a powerful funnel that will sell your course on autopilot while you live your life.

  • Develop your personal sales story

  • Create a culture around your brand

  • Learn how to write engaging copy

  • Become irresistible and stand out in the online space

  • Confidently overcome objections

  • Put together your automated sales system

  • Navigate tech with Ease

  • Get access to the exact sales strategies that led us to 1m in passive income sales

  • Walk through all technical the nuts and bolts of list building

  • Set up a strategic email funnel that will convert cold traffic into clients

  • Craft a series of automated emails that your future students will be eager to open

  • Master Facebook ads



After you launch your course, we'll show you how to identify what's working, nix what's not, and scale your course to $1M in sales.

  • Walk through simple mathematical equations that will help you project sales

  • Learn how much to invest in Facebook ads

  • Put together a smooth client intake process

  • Get access to spreadsheets for tracking all your vital data

  • Simplify your analytics to find room to grow

  • Understand how our reinvestment cycle works

  • Come up with creative ways to add streams of revenue to your funnel

  • Access our funnel refinement system

  • Have everything you need to scale your course to 1M in sales

Launch 1m gives you everything you need to start making passive income online. 

It doesn't matter if you don't know exactly what you want to teach.
Launch 1m will help you nail down your course topic, validate it so that you know it will sell.

It doesn't matter if you struggle with technology. 
Launch 1m includes in-depth tech tutorials that will take the stress out of tech. We’ve tested dozens of software systems so that we can confidently recommend what we know to be the best.

It doesn't matter if you don't have time.
You can work through the course at your own pace and grow your business as fast or as slow as you want. Launch 1m even includes time management strategies. You will never have more time until you make a change.

No matter where you're at now, by the end of Launch 1m,
you will have a course, an automated marketing system, and a solid plan to help you scale to $1M.


When we first stumbled across the online course world, we were like…"Woah. This is cool.” But we had doubts.

How could our service translate into a course?

Could we really remove ourselves from the business and still be successful?

Was the market over-saturated? Was there room for us?


  • We wanted to strap the kiddos in front packs and go for a hike based on the weather - not based on our schedule.

  • We wanted to go out to eat and order extra appetizers without regretting it when the bill came.

  • We wanted to take off random summer days to play in the sprinklers, and winter days to build snowmen.

  • We wanted to give generously to our community as we felt compelled, not limited by a budget.

  • We wanted to serve clients ONLY because we wanted to, not because we needed to.

  • We wanted to buy the “way too expensive” sectional for our sunroom without feeling irresponsible.

So we dove in. And it was scary. And it was hard. We don’t want to sugar-coat the journey. There were late nights and mental breakdowns. But God was faithful, and today, we have something we didn’t even know was possible: a business that runs on autopilot. We make money while we are sleeping, while we are making a Wednesday morning pancake breakfast, and while we are re-watching a Daniel Tiger episode on sharing with our toddlers (come on, kiddos - soak it in!!).


After following the process laid out in Launch 1m, you will have a fully automated online business that makes money for you...while you live your life!


(Save $1267)

(Make Bite-sized Payments)





Made entire investment back!

"Signing up for Launch 1m was of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my business. Immediately after I signed up, a weight was lifted from my shoulders. It feels really amazing to have the confidence, clarity, and all the tools to start my own business. Within the first month of the program, I designed a beautiful website, and booked my first paying client! Since then, I’ve grown my email list from zero to hundreds of subscribers, and made my entire investment back. If you’re thinking of signing up for Launch 1m, do it today - you won’t be disappointed."

- Melissa Mather


Booked first client in one month!

"When I first found Sarah and Dillon, I was completely lost. I had so many ideas of different things I wanted to do for a business and I knew the life that I wanted, but I didn’t have a clear way to make it reality. I was sick and tired of letting myself down and I wanted a clear path that would help me become successful. Then Sarah and Dillon showed up. When I first started, I was scared that I would let myself down again. But within a month’s time, I had booked my first client. If you’re considering investing with Sarah and Dillon, take the leap. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own."

- Amber Butler


Five new clients and automated systems!

"When I signed up for Launch 1m, I felt stuck in my business. I was guessing - downloading freebies, and making assumptions that were getting me nowhere. I knew I needed help to figure it out. The day I signed up for Launch 1m, I felt sick to my stomach. Would this work? Would I actually get what I needed? But that quickly wore off as I started to dive into the material and really build something that I was excited about! I have now created a brand that I am incredibly passionate about. I have started working with 5 different clients, have automated so many systems, and am creating more time and money. The best part is that I am just getting started!"

- Brook Belden


Doubled 9-5 income in 90 days

"Before starting my entrepreneurial journey, I was sitting at my 9-5 desk job wondering if this was all there was to life. After too many nights of crying and wondering why I did not feel successful in life, I knew I had to make a change. Within 90 days of joining Launch 1m, I went from not having a clue where to start my business, to launching a beautiful website, booking client calls, designing a 1:1 coaching program I’m obsessed about, and earning double my monthly 9-5 income. I didn’t even think that was possible before working with Sarah and Dillon! I made a goal to leave my 9-5 within 6 months of joining, and it happened in one month! Investing in my future with Sarah and Dillon was the best business investment I could have ever made. I’m confident you will feel the same."

Linda Bello


Quit corporate job in one month!

"Within the first month of joining Launch 1m, I gained enough confidence in the direction of my business that I quite my corporate job! I knew that I was finally in complete alignment with who I was meant to be. I was able to book several discovery calls within my first few weeks, create a website and brand that I am wildly obsessed with, build my own Facebook Community, get interviewed by an author of an up and coming book, and so much more! Within 6 months, I tripled my corporate monthly income, took a trip that had been on my bucket list for 6 years, and launched a group program with 3 other elite coaches in the industry. This journey has taught me that we truly have the power to create our future! I encourage every ambitious entrepreneur to feel the fear and do it anyways!!"

Tonya Vanderhart


Reaching clients online

"I took a leap of faith and signed up for Launch 1m. It has been a game-changer for me and gave me the code to create my own thriving business! As a successful image consultant, I was able to find local clients but realized that I needed to look for ways to reach new clients online. Sarah and Dillon offered thought provoking and introspective content that really gave me the opportunity to think differently as well as providing me with the roadmap for how to do it. Now, I simply follow precise steps to create a following, secure new clients and deliver a valuable program. I could not be happier with the decision to join Launch 1m and learn from the experts! Thanks again for all you do!"

- Kaarin Huffman

Limited-Time Bonuses

Register now and receive these bonuses...

BONUS 1: Instagram with Intention by Beth Harper
Learn how to leverage the power of Instagram and find clients through this incredible platform.

BONUS 2: Facebook Bot training
Learn how to use the Facebook bot to build a deeper relationship with your audience quickly.

BONUS 3: Legal business training
Learn how to protect yourself and your business as you grow.

BONUS 4: Recommended Reading list
We both love to read and we'll tell you what you need to read as you grow your business.

BONUS 5: Million Dollar Marriage
A vulnerable audio training where we openly discuss our relationship, and how our business has impacted our marriage.


expire in:


A note from us...

We remember how scary it was to build our first course. We were completely strung out serving clients, and had a handful of toddlers to take care of as well. We had doubts and fears about the course business model, and had what felt like NO time to develop it.

Thankfully, we were more afraid of regret than failure...so we risked everything and went for it anyways. We couldn’t bear the thought of waking up in 10 years and realizing we had missed out on LIVING OUR LIFE because we were so busy serving clients. We entered a season of sacrifice and fought like crazy to get our course up and running. We love this quote:


We stopped telling ourselves the story that we had no time and started telling ourselves we would MAKE the time to create something that would change our lives. On the other side of the fear, the resistance, and all the hard work...was freedom. This is what we want for you.

According to Forbes, the “E-Learning” industry is growing 7-10% each year and will reach at least $325 Billion by 2025. No matter how tired you are right now, this is your way out.

Launch 1m gives you the tools to create the radical success story you’ve hardly dared to dream of. Our students are rapidly scaling back their clients, doubling their current income, and attracting people into their courses left and right.


Better than I imagined!

"Making the investment was scary. I had a daughter, a mortgage, and so many things I could have spent money on...but it lit a fire under me and the experience has been more than I could have imagined."

- Sarah Gabriel


Pushing through roadblocks!

"Launch 1m has helped me with branding, confidence, and a positive mindset. I can actually push through roadblocks every time they pop into my head. It’s like I knock them over before I let them make me lose another day, week, or month of disbelief in myself."

- Jenn Cranney

Jill Emanuel.jpg

From Full-time to 1-2 work days!

“I was inspired to start my own company after walking through (and overcoming) my own financial crisis. By teaching others how to manage their finances, I have gone from working full-time as a pharmacist, to only working 1-2 days/week.”

- Jill Emanuel


From dream to reality!

"I decided to completely change directions in my business and was absolutely terrified and overwhelmed. Then, I dove into Launch 1m and was BLOWN AWAY by the value in this program. Launch 1m gave me the simple, step-by-step process I needed to take my business ideas from dream to reality. Now, I have my own program, a website, landing pages, email funnels, marketing strategies, etc. that all feel authentic and help me carry out my life’s purpose through my business. If you know you were meant for big things and desire to make an impact on this world, I cannot recommend Launch 1m enough. Your dreams start with a rock solid foundation, and Launch 1m will give you just that!"

- Kayla Chiorean


Booking 7k clients!

"Since going through Launch 1m, I have booked high-end clients starting at 7k, launched a self-study MLM course, am now co-hosting a radio show, and have accepted the position as CEO for the @bossbabetribe. I am serving women with purpose and helping them brand their business, grow REAL exposure as influencers on IG, and helping them bring value to their followings. Launch 1m was the biggest blessing to my life as it catapulted me to fiercely pursue my passions as an entrepreneur."

- Lindsy Lavalle


Cut years off my learning curve!

"Launch 1m is an incredible opportunity for beginning entrepreneurs who want to get clear on who they are and create an online business that is authentic and sustainable. The modules are jam-packed with amazing content that walks you through everything you need to know in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. If you are looking to continually grow, succeed, and add value to the world, then this is the program for you! There is a ton of amazing content that will cut months (maybe even years) off your learning curve and lead to greater success than if you went at it alone."

- Sam Nielsen


From food stamps to 10k in 60 days! 

"Before Launch 1m, my family and I were living in a tiny, government assisted apartment and eating by food stamps. I knew there had to be something more to life when I couldn't even afford diapers and formula for my son. I just HAD to do something BIG, because honestly, I couldn't live that way anymore. I put all my trust into God and invested in Sarah and Dillon! Since investing in Launch 1m, my business has skyrocketed! 60 days after joining, I moved my family out of government housing and into a spacious home. I was able to call my caseworker and tell her to stop my benefits, because I could FINALLY pay cash to feed my family. I sold out my signature program in just 48 HOURS and also made $10k in sales with JUST 1:1 clients! To say my life and business has changed would be an understatement. Sarah and Dillon have completely transformed my life!  If you're thinking of joining Launch 1m and are on the fence about joining, I am telling you to just simply go for it. You ARE capable of anything, and I am living proof!"

Courtney McMichael


Left full-time job in less than a year! 

"Before I found Launch 1m, I was working a full-time job that was asking a lot of me. With two kids and a husband, I knew that continuing on this path meant limited time with my family. I hated the idea of marrying my best friend only to spend over 80% of my life away from him. I was partnered with health & wellness network marketing company which was bringing in a steady side income and it opened my eyes to the possibility of there being more. I was nervous to invest in the program, but as soon as I got started, I knew I made the right decision. The modules were easy to follow and exactly enough information to get into action and get results quickly. In 10 months, I’ve created a brand, left my full time job and now I can flex my business around my family. I truly believe anyone with the drive and passion can do it too, but step #1 is getting started with the right program, Launch 1m!"

Jen Wright


Left 9-5 and signed 7 clients in the first 3 weeks! 

"Before enrolling, I had this idea for a business, but I'd parked it because I didn't know how to make it profitable. Launch 1m provided an approach I hadn't considered before, a business model that could enable me to do what I truly dreamed of alongside the life I desired. My biggest struggle was overcoming my own self-doubt and fear of success! But Launch 1m even included everything to get over this as well and has helped me get out of my own way. I now believe anything is possible. Ten months later, I've set up my business, left my old 9-5 job and in first 3 weeks of full time - I secured 7 clients!! I know I would never have achieved this without Sarah and Dillon's input and support. I cannot recommend Launch 1m enough. If you have big dreams and desires, and even the tiniest idea of an online business, give yourself a real chance and dive-right in!!

Kathryn Luckock


Brought husband home from 9-5! 

"When I found Launch 1m I was doing the hard slog, trying to figure out how to make my dream of helping professional mums succeed in small business a reality. As soon as I signed up, I knew Launch 1m was the answer. Within the first few months, I have redefined my business, rebuilt a beautiful website and launched my online presence - and my first client found me! It has been an amazing and enriching experience, the modules are jam-packed with information, tips, templates and learnings that you just wouldn't find doing it by yourself. I have already been able to bring my husband home from his 9-5! Now we have quality family time every day and he supports our family by looking after our girls and helping me focus on my business growth!"

- Nicole Tewierik


Defining moment in my journey

"Working with Sarah and Dillon was a defining moment in my business journey. Launch 1m took me from feeling like this will never happen to ‘this is entirely possible.’ It made me challenge my own limiting beliefs, shatter my own glass ceilings and start to treat my business as what it was - my purpose, my vision and what I was put on the planet to do. When people now ask me: ‘what do you want to do with your one wild and precious life’ I have the answer. Help incredibly talented, brilliant women find their purpose, and then empower them to go and live it. I feel very blessed to have found Sarah and Dillon’s program. They are a powerhouse of positivity and brilliance."

Els Courtney


Transitioned business to online

"Sarah and Dillon are big dreamin' go-getters who have made it to the other side and are full of inspiration, heart, and hard core business guidance. Working through Launch 1m helped provide the mindset and accountability I needed to transition my business from local clients only to a full service web-based creative strategy and photography firm serving female entrepreneurs worldwide.  Sarah and Dillon will make you dream bigger than you could have imagined and help you take actionable steps to do the impactful things you know you were made to do!"

- Shannon Tacheny


1) Will this program work? 

We wish we could tell you that Launch 1m would absolutely "work," but we can't. There is no magical pill that will bring you business success. YOU are the only one who gets to decide if it will work. If you're willing to take radical action, trust the process, and work through all the phases, you will get results (and quickly)!

2) I don't know what I want to do yet. Is this still a good fit?

You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row before you move forward. Clarity comes from action. To create a successful online course, you can take one of two paths.

Path One: Turn your current service into a course.
Example - If you are a piano teacher, you could create a course teaching people how to play the piano. Think about how many more people you could reach!

Path Two: Help others create a business like the one you have.
Example - If you are a piano teacher, you can teach other aspiring piano teachers how to become fully booked with students. Your future students are out there looking for answers...right now.

You know something that others are eager to pay to learn. Your future students are out there waiting for you to show up.

3) Things are pretty hectic in my life right now. Should I wait for a better time?

Believe it or not, there will never be a better time than right now. You will never feel ready. Launch 1m will always be a big investment. Either go for it now, or don't go for it. Nothing good comes from waiting. Some of our most successful clients signed up while they were still in mountains of debt, working full time, raising babies, in the middle of a divorce, moving, getting married, etc! Launch 1m is designed in a way that allows you to go through the content at your own pace.

4) What if I can't afford it? I really should pay back my debt and make more money before investing. 

We get it! Who has extra money laying around in their bank account?! I know none of our past students did. The truth is, when you choose to invest in Launch 1m, you're deciding that you are no longer available to wait and wish and hope for the life of your dreams. You are changing the narrative, and choosing to be the hero of your story, instead of a victim. Right now, Launch 1m is as cheap as it will ever be, and there is even an extended payment option. The investment will never be comfortable, but when you begin making decisions as if failure isn't an option, everything in your life will change. Investing in yourself is a one step back, ten-steps forward type of ordeal. If you put in the work, the money will come back to you.

5) Do you offer refunds? 

Nope. Don't commit to this unless you're ready to follow through. 

6) What are the other startup costs?

Online courses have an extremely small startup cost compared to other businesses. We’ve had students start for as little as $30/month in software fees.  If you choose to use the software we recommend, you’ll spend about $200/month. This is not an investment you will make immediately - we will let you know inside the course when you need to start that investment. Launch 1m students receive a special link for an extended free trial of our recommended software system. And remember, your course sales will quickly cover the expense of the software. Launch 1m will show you how to grow your business for next to nothing, and invest as you grow. We go deep into the math behind your business, so you can calculate exactly what you need to spend to hit your goals.

7) Why would someone buy my course when there is Google?

Even though the internet has unlimited free information, your students don’t need INFORMATION - they need a system. They need a step-by-step process. That’s what you will give them inside your course. Information on the internet often contradicts itself. People are forced to sift through endless amounts of articles and blog posts and videos to try to figure out what’s true. As you build your brand, you’ll be someone people know they can trust. They’ll happily pay you for information because they believe in you.


Doubled sales in one month!

"Being a part of this program was the best decision I have made for my business. During the first month, I doubled my email list and more than doubled my sales. It is worth the investment...not only for your business, but for yourself too."

- Charlene Rising


Created multiple courses during naptime

"What a relief not to feel like I had to do it alone anymore! I have been able to grow my business entirely during my daughter and son’s nap time. Since joining the program, I have created multiple mini-courses, one signature course (with a few more big ones brewing), had multiple private clients, and filled a group program.

- Alessandra Braun


Proven formulas for success

"When I first enrolled, I felt lost and confused as to how I would transform my passion and hobby to a business. I knew I could do anything I set my mind to, but I felt overwhelmed with how to go about getting from A to B. When I enrolled in the course (at 24 weeks pregnant!), I knew I was in the right place. There is easy to follow professional guidance on exactly what needs to be done. There are no stones unturned and no questions left with regards to creating the business of your dreams. There are proven formulas for success and first class tools."

- Jen Smith


Inspired me to go bigger

"Launch 1m gave me all the tools I needed to stop playing around and actually start running a business. I gained the confidence I needed to start making money and being seen as the expert I was! Launch 1m not only gives you the tools and resources but inspiration and ideas to make it your own. One huge takeaway was the motivation and mindset shifts that happened when I got clear and found my voice, I started looking at things differently and everything in my life and business shifted. One thing I will always remember is that I can't (and don't need to) do everything myself, and that I am actually doing a service to others and my family by delegating the things that take time away from what I want and need to be doing myself! Launch 1m will inspire you to go bigger than you ever imagined. I will forever be grateful."

- Janica Larson


Developed brand, website, and funnels

"When I signed up for Launch 1m, I was super nervous. I had never invested that kind of money in my business before. However, it didn't take long for me to know I made the right decision. I quickly developed a solid brand, website, sales funnels, and a thriving email list. Sarah and Dillon helped walked me through it all. Sarah has a kind spirit and truly cares about her clients - it radiates through everything she does. Having her be a part of my journey has truly been a gift."

- Kristin Maahs


Doing what I was created to do!

"When I first signed up for Launch 1m, I was brand new to the online space and sick of working jobs that kept me away from my family. I was sick of doing things outside of my calling, jobs I was not passionate about. Before Launch 1m, I had never invested that much money in myself. I wasn't a business person, I never even wanted to run my own business. But in the six months I've been in the Launch 1m program, I've gone from absolute ZERO (zero presence, zero business skills, zero connections) in the online coaching world to navigating it with confidence. I've successfully launched an engaged and growing Facebook group, have a beautiful website I am so proud of and a solid understanding and layout of what my business needs and it continues to grow. None of these things would have been possible before this program. Most importantly, I am working at my business 100% full time and only spending my time on the things that matter most, and what I was created to do."

- Rae-Anna Johnson

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